Short Review: I’m Just Happy to be Here

The creator of the Renegade Mothering blog, Janelle Hanchett, explores motherhood, addiction, and mental illness in her moving memoir, I’m Just Happy to be Here. When she was 21, Janelle Hanchett found herself pregnant. Newly married, Hanchett soon began to struggle with depression and substance abuse issues. Hanchett’s writing is raw and honest—motherhood is not … Continue reading Short Review: I’m Just Happy to be Here

M Reviews: Above Suspicion

Above Suspicion, Helen MacInnes's 1941 spy novel, tells the story of Richard Myles, an Oxford professor, and his wife Frances, who have been asked by an old friend to carry out a secret mission during their annual European holiday. Their job is to locate an English agent and find out whether or not he has … Continue reading M Reviews: Above Suspicion

The Vegetarian

Violence, obsession, and repressed desires are explored in Han Kang’s visceral, vivid, and undeniably compelling The Vegetarian. The story begins simple enough; Yeong-Hye decides to turn vegetarian. Despite her husband’s consternation regarding her decision, Yeong-Hye provides only a vague explanation for her sudden change, “I had a dream.” Unbeknownst to her husband and others around … Continue reading The Vegetarian

Oldies But Goodies: Learning The Gumshoe Game With Some Classics

According to an article in The Telegraph, there is greater interest in crime fiction today than with any other fiction genre. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may have popularized crime/detective fiction, but in 1841 Edgar Allan Poe penned the first detective story with The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Ever since, crime fiction has continued to … Continue reading Oldies But Goodies: Learning The Gumshoe Game With Some Classics